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The book (approximately 380 pages) is now ready at a cost $48, which includes shipping. The book is well formatted so you can easily locate your ancestors. The book traces the Native American Taptico/Tapp lineage from 1678 to as much as the 7th generation. Those who buy the book will receive all future research on the Native American Tapps free of charge.

For those who buy the book and are a descendant of King William Taptico, I will include a certificate that states that you are a member of the Wicomico Tribe.

Previously, the system that we used to identify members was cumbersome. We would receive an application, and then determine if the person was a descendant. With the book, people should be able to determine immediately if they are descendants. In the event that you are an adopted Tapp, this is not a problem. Two things that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has made clear, DNA is not required and if you were adopted by a Tapp family that is of Indian lineage you will be accepted. However, let me make it clear, people applying for membership in the tribe must prove that they were adopted. If the adoption took place in the 1880s and 1700s, adoption papers are not available in most cases, so a complete lineage must be forwarded.

Comments concerning the book have been favorable. To order, send your request to  eagleman1@localnet.com with your mailing address.

Chamah Netab (Welcome Friend)

We are in the process of selecting council members in order to bring the tribe back to life. The Council will be structured more to the times and designed to make decisions quickly. Our primary and number one project will be to seek State Approval in Virginia, much of this work has already been completed. We previously submitted the first book of the Wicocomico History to Indian Affairs, the second book will be submitted, with a copy of the first book, to the State of Virginia.

Some of our previous projects included building a Culture center, issuance of a stamp honoring King William Taptico, and a time capsule. We did have approval erecting a monument to the Wicocomico Indians, however the selection appeared to be to restrictive and only available to a few people. At the time of disbanding the council, we were in the process of having a historical marker placed on the road that at one time was part of the Wicocomico land. We welcome any and all to apply for membership in the Wicocomico Nation.

Take the time and browse through the site. If you are a descendant of William Taptico, this will be an adventure into your past.

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